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COVAL Fitness and Sports Performance

By Joshua Charles, 05/22/17, 2:15PM EDT


Athletic Training

At COVAL, we use science driven methods, elite coaching, and programs tailored to each individual athlete's needs and goals to ensure that they are seeing improved performance on the court.
We start working with all of our athletes by taking them through an evaluation so we can understand where they currently are with their physical abilities.  Based on what we find during the assessment, we then use that information to develop their individual program.
Making sure that our athletes are seeing increased performance on the court, through their work in the weight room is of extreme importance to us.  Therefore, our influence with your athletes isn't limited to just the weight room.  We make sure that we are coaching them up on their lifestyle and nutrition since their efforts off-the-court and outside of the weight room have such a dramatic impact on their on-court performance.  
We guarantee that we are going to invest 100% of our time, energy, effort, and expertise into each one of our athletes.  Being a small part of the process of helping young athletes reach their goals and live their dreams is something that we don't take lightly.
Much respect,

Mike Coval